Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Date Night

Nick and I had a date night on Saturday and it was such needed time away together. 

Since moving back to Minnesota in November, pretty much all of our weekends have been work. Literally working for me and Nick was busy with studying for his exams for his job. Aside from our fun vacation to VEISHEA, we've been tied up in life and unable to really enjoy a weekend. We just have a few weeks of this crazy schedule left, but needed some fun in our weekend. 

Nick purposed the idea via text message Friday morning and I excitedly replied. I love date nights! Nick did the planning for it so I got off work and we were headed to downtown!

We ate at a great Asian restaurant (so many dairy free options!) and Nick tried socky for the first time. He took a recommendation from our waiter on which type of sake to try and when we got our bill, there was a bit of shock on his face. It was $16 for that relatively small glass! Haha, we don't typically splurge on things, but a date night is a good night to do so.

After dinner, we walked over to Target Field and sat outside during the end of the Twins game. It was beautiful outside and nice to just enjoy the atmosphere.

 It was great! Date nights every weekend, please :)

We also are trying to get our place decorated now that we're finally getting time to think about it. Here are a few things I picked up this weekend:

Floral Lace Overlay Pillow
Pier 1
Bright Trees Art I
Pier 1
I'll get photos of them in our place once it's more settled. And once we decide what exactly we're keeping. 

Here are more date night ideas that are easy to make time for. Let's be sure to make time for us!

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