Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tweets with Sue Ingebretson (Author of FibroWHYalgia)

I've talked about the book I've been reading, FibroWHYalgia, and the author Sue in this post. Earlier this week, I tweeted the link to my blog post about attending my first fibromyalgia support group and included her in the tweet. Two things happened, 1) she retweeted my tweet to her 22,000+ followers, 2) she replied to me! SO COOL.


The conversation continued from there! Check it out:

My first fibromyalgia support group #fibromyalgia  I hope I can manage my symptoms soon like you, Sue! @SueInge

@marsmock I'm happy to help in any way that I can!

After I got her response, two MORE things happened, 1) I replied thanking her for her inspiration and letting her know I'm reading her book, 2) she retweeted that tweet (she abbreviated a few of my words to fit in her "(Thank you!)". She's so responsive, it's great. 

RT @marsmock@SueInge I'm reading #FibroWHYalgia now and appreciate the links/wisdom you provide here as well. Inspirational! (Thank you!)

And a few hours later!

@marsmock I bet you can relate to the Midwestern references in#FibroWHYalgia () !!

@SueInge Yes, I can relate! I'm an Iowa girl and my husband is Norwegian. I stopped eating dairy- gluten may be next on my path to wellness!
Mar 13, 7:18 AM via web

@marsmock I can tell you that w/ any autoimmune condition, gluten is not your friend! Happy to chat about it!

It takes me back to the excitement I felt when Iowa Girl Eats sent me a thank you message for retweeting one her tweets.

It was gorgeous here this past week and a half! We've been enjoying walks and open windows (although our allergies aren't enjoying that so much). We hit 80 degrees today! 

We tried to make some goose friends on one of our walks...

We even got to see the SUN!!! We've missed this guy this winter. That was one of the perks of living in Texas - sunshine even in the winter months!

I was able to take a lovely walk one afternoon this week - and wore a t-shirt. Wearing a t-shirt is big news in March. It was wonderful and I soaked up some quality vitamin D while I was at it. 

 I'm loving this shot! I'll take any puffy clouds + sunshine I can get right now. 

I've taken lots of photos with this gorgeous weather - more to come!

Lastly (but first in our hearts), GO ISU!! We're excitedly watching men's basketball tonight - Iowa State vs. Kentucky (the top seeded team in the country....) we've got game food and are ready to cheer on our Cyclones!

For clarification, Nick's shirt does say Iowa State (not Iowa), ok, just making sure we're clear there ;)

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