Friday, March 23, 2012

Green Life

 I have been so entertained these past few weeks watching all of the green life growing outside. It's just gorgeous! These green tree buds have never looked more fresh than they do this season.

I took these photos earlier this week, on one of our many rainy days lately. I told Nick, "March showers bring April flowers" and he looked at me like I was crazy. We've had showers so much in the past few weeks, it feels like the timeline is moving up this year!

Don't these little buds look so precious? 

 I was able to enjoy Caribou with a friend earlier this week too - Caribou is my favorite coffee and favorite coffee atmosphere.

 Here are a few I snapped this morning, on a much brighter, bluer day. I swear these photos show many more green buds sprouting then the ones above too. 

Nick has always said spring is his favorite season and it's starting to win me over this year!  

I also had a fibro checkup with my doctor yesterday (my second time seeing her) and this time, my blood pressure and pulse were "beautiful" which was great to hear. Last time, they were very high which concerned them (which then concerned me a bit), so I weaned off Savella and have been off for a few weeks now, and it seems to have been the culprit! I had high blood pressure every time I was on that medication, while it was never high before that. So we fixed that issue! I also let her know going dairy free has significantly reduced my bloating which is great. Other than that, no other noticeable changes (still same symptoms I listed in this post). 

She also referred me to see a rheumatologist to further help manage my symptoms since I've still got many of the bothersome ones (daily headaches, morning stiffness, radiating pain, fatigue, etc.). I see that doctor next Tuesday and am so hoping that doctor is much more familiar with fibro and will help me get rid of these nasty symptoms. We will be praying.

Since my diagnosis about a year ago, I've had maybe a half day or so tops that I felt well, otherwise I just don't feel well. One way to describe fibro is encouraging others to think back to when they had a bad flu and how it felt - body aches, fatigue, more sensitivities to stimuli, and just not feeling well. That's the basis of how I feel and I have other add-on symptoms each day in addition to those. I'm hopeful about the appointment next week - and I'm thankful we could schedule it then since our health insurance will be changing after next week. 

The hope remains.

Don't give up...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Love Ya, Dad :o)

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