Saturday, February 11, 2012

Going Dairy Free


I saw a new doctor here this week, and thankfully, she was great and attentive. Nick came with me this time, and we were there from 3:15 to shortly before 6pm (some of that time was doing some tests - hello crazy blood pressure and high pulse (we're changing meds to combat those symptoms)). She was thorough and wanted to hear the whole story, starting with my first symptoms of fibro, and wanting to hear about things I've tried to help it. She was great. We're changing some meds (thankfully, I couldn't tell if they were helping or if side effects were just making it worse), and making some other life changes too. 

I took a list of symptoms with me, along with my current medications, things that help me, and questions I had for her. Since I've never written them all out, here's the list of symptoms I took with me:
  • Constant headaches, most are light sensitive, with pain/tenderness in upper neck, jaw, and temples
  • Pressure behind my eyes – seem to coordinate with headaches, also increases feeling tired
  • Extreme fatigue – I sleep well (wonder about my sleep cycles), but am always very tired and can sleep all the time. Nothing seems to help the fatigue.
  • Daily radiating pain and tenderness (always in neck-shoulders, radiates to other areas: knees, hips arms, legs)
  • IBS – difficulty eating gaseous foods, greasy food, some raw vegetables
    • Tips on trying dairy free or gluten free diet?
  • “Fibro fog” – difficulty concentrating, remembering some words on the spot, or thinking very quickly
  • Irritability  - low stress tolerance
  • Dizziness when from sitting to standing or bending over to standing straight
  • Hot/cold flashes (feverish)
  • Joints pop often – neck and hips
  • Lack of energy/motivation
Uffda, it's quite the list. I'm so glad I took it though, to be able to concretely talk through what's going on so she has a clear picture. She appreciated it and took a copy of the info I brought with me. 


I'm trying a lactose/dairy free diet. This is NOT going to be easy, as I found out while grocery shopping today. I've realized though, that I want to get better, but I haven't been making any changes to get there. I was really hoping the medicine would make me feel all better, or better yet, that I would wake up one day symptom free :) So I'm at a point where I know I need to get these symptoms under control, so I have to make some changes to get there. 


I visited to figure this thing out, and learned a few things that are encouraging me to stick to it. Basically that some people with migraines, autoimmune type symptoms, low energy, and stomach issues (some of my symptoms) can benefit from a dairy free diet (learn more at their website). My IBS has been acting up more lately, and I almost always feel bloated and have some sort of digestive pain or cramping when I eat. 

After  analyzing nutrition labels at the store and eliminating ones with these hard to see dairy ingredients, just about everything seems to have dairy! If someone really isn't tolerant of dairy, the stuff we eat daily all has hidden dairy in it, and that person would have pretty constant symptoms. It's interesting and worth a try! I've found a few foods my body just doesn't want to digest, but it's so hard to tell, so I'm hoping to pay closer attention and make some progress.


I'm still reading little by little in FibroWHYalgia (great book about Sue Ingebretson (above) and her fibro journey to wellness), and came across a quote yesterday that says, "In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired", and I'm pretty much at that point now, so change is on its way! If you have any tips for dairy/lactose free meals/brands, etc, feel free to pass them my way, I'll need to find something to eat this week:)

Look forward to the future.

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