Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some Style with a Side of Celebration

I've gotten some new jewelry lately I'm excited about!

This necklace is from Charming Charlie and I love it! I got it in Texas and fell in love with the store while I was there. I was sad I hadn't found it earlier and checked their locations to find they have two locations in the Twin Cities! YES!

 Here's another look, you can see the colors better in this one (blush pink):

 I got this one yesterday at Pier 1 and am SO excited about it! I love the fun colors (I'm learning through Pinterest how much I'm loving the color teal!).

 Another good look at the colors as she spreads her feathers ;)

 This is another Charming Charlie find - they were on clearance for $3! My camera's flash makes them look super blingy...

 Here's a non-flash, more detailed look:

In other news, Nick and I got to go out for a celebration dinner last night as I got a job up here! I am so thrilled about it. I have a week and a half before I start, so I'm busy looking for a place for us to live (we've been fortunate to have a temporary living solution in the mean time), yet enjoying the days from now until then.

The atmosphere, food, and service was awesome at Porter Creek. We had a much needed celebration and date night.

Cherry chocolate cake.. so good.

Nick is also busy studying away for his certification test. I'm trying really hard not to distract him :) I have to keep myself entertained so he can get back into study mode after my arrival this past weekend.

I'm also loving my apple cinnamon spray this time of year. I spray it in our room all the time to feel Christmassy since I can't use my decor this year! It's all in storage for now. 

These past few months have been crazy with us each leaving jobs, starting (almost starting in my case..) new jobs, Nick's upcoming test, and moving back across the country. Have I missed anything else? Hah! It feels like it. 

It's been a learning and growing year for sure, a few Pinterest quotes have encouraged me through the craziness:



I can definitely see how true this last one is with the change of events this week. It's true, we've got to hang on through life's rough spots, God sees and knows the desires of our hearts. When you're in the midst of it all, you can't see what He is doing, it's only once the storm has passed that you can look back and make sense of it.

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Sarah and Chris said...

Congrats on the job Marissa! Where will you be working? Also, i've heard about Charming Charlies. There is one in KC that I want to check out the next time I visit my sister!

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