Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just a Few Weeks.

I can't believe how fast time is flying.

Just a few weeks and I'll be leaving my lovely job and friends here and Texas (warmth!) to journey to the frigid north. Okoook, so it's not that cold there yet :) It was 70 degrees here when I stepped outside at 7:15am and it was wonderful. It felt warm with my long sleeved cardigan and I seriously considered using my AC in my car heading to work and decided to tough it out. I bet you northerners don't feel sorry for me about that ;) I have to enjoy these days while I can.

I do have to say that I got two new coats over the weekend (thank you MOM!) to prepare for the coming winter - plus my old ones don't fit and/or needed an upgrade. I'm so excited to wear them now, I don't have any photos of them yet, but I'll post them at some point, they're great! I also love layering and wearing scarves, so those are things I'll look forward to up north, and some delicious Caribou Coffee. Ohmygosh, I love the Lite White Berry. 

Christmas is my favorite time of year and being warmer here leading up to Christmas, the season hasn't had quite the same warm-n-fuzzies for me, so that's another thing *trying to be optimistic here* to appreciate about the colder winter months in MN.

Here's a gigantic Christmas tree that we came across at the mall my mom and I went to last weekend. 

It was the first weekend I've been shopping since holiday decor has been everywhere, so it was fun seeing the stores all decked out for the holiday season!

 Funny story here...

We saw this store and liked the trendy appeal and wasn't familiar with this store, so thought we'd check it out. After browsing and being impressed with the style and prices, I looked at a few things more closely toward the back of the store and realized the tags said Forever 21. 

It was a funny moment to realize this store I was getting really excited about is the same 'ol store I've shopped at many times. Maybe they're changing their branding? It looks cute, but if I were looking for Forever 21 at this mall, I would've completely passed by this store! Although, on the side of the store, past the window there it did say Forever 21 (we saw as we came out of the store) but it would have been very easy to miss.  Have any of you seen this?

In other news, I'm continuing to apply for jobs in the Minneapolis area (a few phone interviews this week - thank the Lord), and am hopeful to find something great.

OH and I started my Christmas shopping which I was glad I did since we will have some movement in the coming weeks :) Have you started your shopping yet? Every year I tell myself I need to start earlier and this year, I finally did it!

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DavidGerber said...

I wanna be in Minnesota for a winter again. Really. I miss MN Christmas'!

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