Sunday, November 20, 2011

1 Year of No {Sham}Poo

I first blogged about the "no poo" over a year ago (in this post) saying I was curious about it. Well it's crazy to say that I haven't used shampoo in over a year! It was last November when I went for it and I haven't looked back. It's great to see how you can make your own products using less harmful ingredients and I feel good about what my skin is absorbing. It's great!

Here's what I do:

Keep baking soda in a small tupperware in the shower. After hair is wet, scoop out about 1 heaping tsp into your hand, make a paste by adding some water in the palm of your hand and massage through hair and scalp, especially in oilier areas, for 30-45 seconds. Depending on hair length and type, you may need more or less (I had to troubleshoot the amount I use for awhile to get it right). I allow it to stay on my hair while I wash my face, then I rinse it out. It should feel clean.

Then I use Alba conditioner (paraben and sulfate free) and I love it! It doesn't have the harmful chemicals and it smells great and provides some hydration.


Other natural (mostly paraben/sulfate free) products I use...

Jason hairspray:
This smells great and is the best natural hairspray I've found

Giovanni Frizz be Gone:
This works really well to make my hair feel smooth and soft. While my hair is still damp, I work a little bit of it through the ends.

Here is another post with some of my favorite paraben and sulfate free products. I love when I stumble upon another good natural product - do you have any you've tried and like? 

On that note, I found a great hydrating lotion (more like the thickness of body butter) a few months ago I'll use use out of during the dry winter season!

J.R. Watkins Hand & Body Lotion:

Now I'm off to prep for my last week of work and this week I'll be packing up to drive up to MN with Nick! He's coming here to drive with me so I don't have to drive 15 hrs myself. He's wonderful:) Have I mentioned how excited I am to see him this week?! I almost can't believe it's just a few days until I see him. 

This Thanksgiving, we have SO much to be thankful for.

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