Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Thrifty Afternoon in Fort Worth

I had yet another successful trip to Double Exposure (see a previous trip here) this afternoon! It's my favorite upscale thrift shop - at this point, it's up there as my favorite clothing store!

Every single time I've been there, I come away with at least a handful of quality brand name items that are great for work or the weekends. I just love the price and quality they carry. It is one of the places I will miss MOST about the DFW area.

Check out today's stash:
 Top row (left to right): Sweaters from Ann Taylor Loft   -   J. Crew  -   Twenty One
Bottom Row (left to right): Shifts from Mossimo  -   Fossil  -  Ann Taylor Loft

Is it weird to say that shopping at a thrift store has made me more stylish? I've made other trips there I didn't post about and most of my favorite items in my closet were less than $10 from Double Exposure. I have also had success at Platos's Closet a few times! If you've never tried a thrift store, you definitely should. It feels great to save that much money!

 Jeans: Banana Republic 
Khakis: Isaac Mizrahi 
Coat: Banana Republic
Shirt: Express

I'm so excited about my bargains today!

Now back to watching ISU play an AWESOME game against Texas Tech! It's great to see Nebraska win and ISU winning today! And yes, I'm still scarred over game 6 of the World Series... time will heal ;) and seeing the Cubs win the series next year would heal up the wounds (*winkwinkCubs*)!

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