Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot Hot Hot!

I know it's been hot all over the country lately, but it's been SO hot this week, check out what we've got coming our way...

Chance of rain? Zilch! 

We're in a pretty serious drought and there are signs along some interstates in the metroplex warning everyone to "Conserve Water: Extreme Drought Conditions". This is a whole new ballpark - I'm used to summer thunderstorms. We haven't had much rain at all since the spring. I hate to say it... but I actually miss the rain! I've always hated storms, but I've been pretty much begging for some lately. It's just been too long.

We have excessive heat warnings every day at this point in the summer...

We've also hit 31 consecutive days at or above 100 degrees. See what I mean about the rain? I just need a rain storm if it's going to be so darn hot! Plus, the cooler temps after rain would feel so wonderful. 

Anyway, in the words of my high school yearbook: Stay Cool!

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