Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tour De Dallas

 My parents came to visit this week and we had a blast! It's always great having them and spending time together.

I had help in the kitchen! Here we're making up a batch of caramel filled chocolate cookies (click HERE for the recipe) - mom helped too :) I told them I could get used to having a few extra hands in the kitchen!

We also toured over to Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, "the world's largest honky tonk",  for dinner, a rodeo and a concert

Enjoying the the Bellamy Brothers

We also checked out Mayfest in Fort Worth - a fun outdoor fair type event. We had to shuttle over to the event and waited in line (in 90 degrees) for a looong time but we all enjoyed it and got some sun.

I had heard about this duck race on the event's website and was hoping we could see it so I was excited when it was starting when we walked by. Apparently this guy and his ducks have been on many national interviews (Johnny Carson was one) so it was pretty cool to check out!

... and they're off!

The sun took a liking to Nick's face.. can't blame it :) I got a bit of sun too, as you can see, I could use a little bit! Despite being over 90 degrees, it was a great day and fun to enjoy the outdoors and take in the sights.

Mom and Dad also picked up a watermelon since they were on sale at the grocery store and it is so wonderfully juicy and sweet. A perfect end to a hot summery day!

I also whipped up these banana muffins before my parents hit the road - so tasty and moist. Check back for the recipe coming soon.

Happy Mothers Day to our wonderful mothers and all you moms out there - you deserve to be appreciated every day for the things you do for your families and kiddos.

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