Friday, February 4, 2011

Our Snow Day Adventure

 Well... I told you about the crazy ice storm we had this week. Dallas, Fort Worth and all the "metroplex" schools have been closed since Tuesday morning. My work was closed Tuesday, late to work Wednesday and Thursday due to ice covered roads and overnight we got 6 inches of snow! 

Before we went to bed, our local weathermen forecasted about 1 inch of snow overnight with isolated areas getting up to 3 inches. Fast forward to waking up and turning on the news this morning to find out we got 6 inches! The weatherman said they're not used to forecasting snow so they got it wrong. Oh boy. Then we got another 1-2 this morning as more unexpectedly came our way. So we're stuck and snowed in. But that didn't stop the exploring to check out how it is out there, safely off the ice and now snow covered roads!

We bundled and prepared for our adventure. It's cold out there.

Our poor trees aren't used to this load...

 Notice the lack of shoveling. Does our complex even own shovels?! They definitely don't have ice melt or any other good stuff the Midwest uses with winter storms.

 The views were pretty picturesque though - our very own winter wonderland!

 Notice also no plowing in our parking lot. We heard the DFW area has something like 14 snow plows right now (I think mostly borrowed from Amarillo?). Completely laughable compared to the snow cleanup in northern states! Safe to assume our lot will not be plowed.

 So down I went  to my tush just in front of our building - camera in hand. Luckily it turned back on after a funky error message...

 That's solid ICE under the snow causing my wipe out! Brutal. No injuries though, thankfully. My extra layer of Cuddl Duds must have helped pad my fall :)

 Snow coated cars...

 Here's a major street near our place - not plowed, salted, sanded, or anything. Greeeaat. So glad I didn't try to drive an hour to work today (probably would've been a 2 hour drive IF I made it today...) And another sidewalk not shoveled. I bet they don't even have timelines here for getting sidewalks shoveled. Haha, for those of you who have always wondered (I did too!)- THIS is how southern cities shut down when ice or snow hits. There are no resources or supplies to take care of it so it's SO dangerous to get out there with raw winter weather at it's finest, so most people smartly stay put.

 Our destination - the Race Trac a block up the road. We made it, but saw many cars driving too fast and saw a few spin out. People here really don't know how to drive safely in this stuff...

 Freeze alert signs back at our place haha. Buildings are less winterized for these temps, so extra precautions have to be taken in weather like this.

 A pretty snow covered berry tree at our place

 A big snowflake that landed on my mitten as a few flurries came down

 Beautiful views from the canal near our place

 Final challenge of our journey - snow covered steps :) 

Now I can attest for Texas ice/snow storms. Here's my two cents anyway... they're worse than Midwest ones since the city has no idea how to plan for or clean up from this kind of precipitation. They had to bring in sanding tricks and plows from hours away to figure out what to do with all of this. The northern states get waaaaay more but at least have a plan for it. What we've got here is (... a failure to communicate...haha:) that's for you classic movie lovers!) a lack of a winter weather plan PLUS the Superbowl here on Sunday... this is getting more interesting by the day! Now we may be expecting some snow on Sunday... we'll see! All I know is we're safe at home where we should be and there are some caramel-filled cookies to be made today! Yes, I've already made cookies twice this week (here and here), but what else is a girl to do on a snow day? :)

Here's our stash from the Race Trac - those candy bars are for the cookies this afternoon! And that is a HUGE cup of cappuccino - you know, the tasty kind with lots of sugar and little coffee - but it tastes sooo good and I give in to to cravings on snow days. Cookie recipe to follow! 


Amber said...

Oh Mars, you never cease to amaze me, whenever its Snow and Ice vs. Walking (or getting out of van) Marissa, snow and ice ALWAYS win. But that's okay. :) And what is a Cuddl Dud?? You come up with the weirdest words, like that one word that you call Porta Potties. I love baking cookies too! But i don't have any will power so i end up eating some...okay..all of them. I think i will just start baking for charities or something haha!

Marissa said...

Haha I know! That van spill was still the worst by far :) I even wore my big snow boots and still went down today. Cuddl Duds are a comfy brand of long johns - do you use that term? :) I eat too many cookies these days too. I've started taking some to work so we don't eat them all :) make some for Zach to take to work!

Rachel said...

I love the new look of the blog- how did you get the cute font on your posts? Did you follow the KandA tutorial? It's a doozy!

I LOVE seeing all the photos of the places I KNOW! Like that RaceTrac and everything. I miss it down there and I miss you both. SO weird to see it all covered in snow. How many days of work did you miss this week then? I'm jealous:)

Hopefully the Superbowl won't be snowed out:)

Love you!

Amber said...

Alright- i know the term long johns, you weirdo. hahah And the cookies and such i've been baking Zach has been taking to work, his coworkers are actually now making requests...awesome.. haha

Marissa said...

Haha, it's great they're making requests now :) you'll have to tell me about good ones you make!

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