Saturday, November 6, 2010

Here and There

A few weeks ago, my mom and dad came for a visit! It was so great to see them and introduce my mom to our new stomping grounds :)

We checked out the Gaylord Texan (like last time my dad visited with family) - we love that place. This photo is without flash to see the features of the facility - the backdrop is made to resemble The Alamo.

I jumped in with them on this one; the flash makes the background disappear though. Still a good family photo!

And we checked out downtown Dallas! My dad liked this angle of the buildings and suggested I take this photo - good call, dad :)

These next 3 are basically the same but I couldn't choose just one! We made the trip to see the Rangers ballpark the day after they clenched the American League Championship Series. They were AMAZING - we Texans ;) are very proud of them!

At the Forth Worth Stockyards! You can't see them well in the background, but those are real cowboys practicing riding horses for the competition that night.

Eating dinner at Risky's BBQ at the Stockyards. Main reason for this photo: check out my mom's sweet light-up glasses!! Haha they were great! I used them reading directions in the car that night - they were perfect! Had to get a picture though, would've been funny to see what people around us thought!

Risky's 10 Commandments

Fresh preserves bought at a local farmer's market this morning! This huge container for $6, I'm excited to try it out, we were told this particular flavor was the best.

And some seriously amazing (maybe the best I've EVER had?!) homemade chips. Check out the ingredients list - doesn't get much better than that! We may have to splurge for her homemade salsa we sampled sometime soon too. It tasted garden fresh and made me want more after I left the market.
I just had to post about these because I haven't had them in MONTHS and found them at our grocery store today. These are SO good and if they're at a grocery store near you, you've got to try them! Ours were on sale for $3.50 and I was so excited! It's the simple things in life ;)

I'll leave you with a photo of my wonderful husband glued to the TV with his "stats" sheet on election night this week - gotta love him :)

By the way, we're one week into "No Poo" and so far so good... Enjoy your weekend!

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