Sunday, October 17, 2010

San Francisco Part 3 (a few weeks late...)

So I've been busy and tired adjusting my schedule/commute and haven't gotten this post up yet! But I really wanted to post it, so here it is: The final leg of our San Francisco trip, traveling through wine country and the beautiful wedding that was the purpose of our trip.

I liked this action shot :)

Driving through San Rafael, on our way from San Francisco to "wine country" - Napa Valley, and on to the Sacramento area

Are we in Iowa?! No... it's rural California :)

Falling trees?!

They were sure pretty!

Rolling hills of grape vineyards

My amazing salad for dinner in Napa Valley

Cows on our way to the wedding site

The wedding site was on this land with a vineyard... so beautiful.

Nick and Jacob

The tables set up the day of the rehearsal

Practicing their walk down the aisle - they're SO cute!

The ceremony site

Long last friends: Nick with Dave, the groom.

My man :)

Soaking up the beauty of the great outdoors

The tables all set for the reception (on the same land as the ceremony)

Such a beautiful family!

A great area they went to take photos

The picture perfect wedding day :)

Beautiful sunset ceremony

With prayer

The beautiful cake

Us with the couple of the day :) It was so great seeing them and a great vacation for us too!

Our poor plant on our return home. Looking much sadder than I posted about last month here. Not having water for a few days took its toll :(

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