Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Poo

Yes, that's right... No Poo. :) Have you heard about it? I just heard about it this week and am seriously interested/intrigued. It's pretty much not using shampoo on your hair. There are various ways people do it, some use baking soda + vinegar instead of shampoo + conditioner, and some just skip shampoo and use conditioner (I personally think this is best for dry/damaged hair). I know it sounds really weird, but the more I read about it the more interesting it is.

Why would you "No Poo"?
The basic gist is that shampoo has lots of chemicals, two of which are believed to be bad for your hair and eliminate/reduce the natural oils your body produces for natural shine. So we shampoo our hair to clean it and dry the oil then we usually add a product with shine to make it look nice. THIS blog, about halfway down, digs into the chemicals and which are bad and what they do to your hair AND body, as your skin absorbs it as you wash. Some of these chemicals are also believed to irritate the scalp and throw off the body's natural oil balance. The girl who wrote that article even has fine hair and loves her hair using this routine.

What if I have greasy/thin/curly/etc. hair and am worried this will not work for me?
THIS blog answers many questions and also explains the concept, along with great step by step instructions - very detailed, along with a great list of certain herbs that have great effects on your hair. Isn't this fascinating?!

THIS blog is the one I read pretty often and happened to catch this post the other day. It's the one that first introduced this whole idea and it's really interesting so I googled it more to see what other people have experienced trying to go shampoo free and I've found lots of positive feedback. Most say their hair had an adjustment period and that their hair was greasier using this method to begin with, but the hair and body found its own balance after a few weeks.

Many comments/blogs I found have great feedback about how amazing their hair is now without using all of the chemicals. Some people had very difficult hair their whole lives and this method completely changed their hair and it's great now! I don't know... it sounds interesting and I may be weird but I'm seriously considering giving it a go for a few weeks to see what it does!

Have you heard about this? Tried it? Want to try it? I'm curious; let me know!

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Maggie said...

hmmm. never heard of it! but i can definitely understand why the chemicals in regular shampoo would mess with your body's natural oils, etc. i just never thought about it! has it been working for you? what are you using? i will consider it, since i rarely leave the house these days:)

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