Thursday, September 23, 2010

San Francisco: Part 1

We spent Wednesday through Sunday last week in CA and had a great, relaxing yet energized vacation there. We primarily went for the wedding of Dave and Sarah (photos to come in a later post!) and made it into a vacation to see the sights while we were there. I took tons of photos so I'll break them up into separate posts. Alcatraz, wine country and the wedding will be up next :)

The view of the Bay Bridge and San Fran from Treasure Island. That bridge comes from Oakland (near our hotel), over this island and on to San Fran. This body of water is the San Francisco Bay.

Crossing the Bay Bridge into San Fran! I LOVE this bridge (maybe even more than the famous Golden Gate!).

The amazing Bay Bridge again - this view reminds me of the Eiffel tower!

Anyone up for a boat ride in the bay? This is in Fisherman's Wharf, a very happening (and touristy) area of San Fran.

There's the Golden Gate Bridge! Too foggy to see the top, but pretty cool anyway. The coolest part of this bridge is that it's a suspension bridge and only the two tall tips (and the area connecting it to land) are holding the bridge up. The middle has no direct support! Probably good I didn't realize that until after we crossed :) At the time it was built, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.

The Bay Bridge from downtown San Fran - isn't it amazing? And massive. I love this view.

A friend we made overlooking the bay. These birds are huge and are everywhere there!

At a pier looking toward the city

Seals! Which one is Andre?!

They were hilarious making crazy noises and knocking each other off into the water. Us tourists ate it up.

Fisherman's Wharf! A fun area to visit.

Check out all the birds on top of these restaurants.

We watched these little sourdough turtles being created at Boudin! We ate lunch there too - yum!

And we saw street acrobats performing - they were great!

These lucky folks get to see the Golden Gate bridge out their window every day!

And of course, Lombard St, the world's most crooked street (that title is debated by some). They made it curvy since it's so steep!

Pretty flowers on a tree on Lombard St. - love the colors!

The amazing view from Lombard St

Of course we had to drive down it :) Nick loved it.

The view from our hotel room! There's San Fran and the Bay right there, not to mention palm trees :) We were just there 1 night and loved it!

We're off to watch THE OFFICE! YES!

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