Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Happenings of Our Life in June

We made a few trips to Des Moines in June to celebrate Jessica and John's wedding. One of the pluses of traveling is enjoying the beauty of the land and sky. We had some rain...

Followed by a wonderful rainbow over one of Minnesota's 10,000+ lakes. This rainbow lasted for at least 1/2 hour right outside my passenger window; it was amazing!

And a beautiful sunset the next day

I love this one

A little bit later in the same sunset

Jess and I at her bridal shower in DSM

This was our crazy radar the night we had 16 tornadoes (3 of them rare EF4's) touch down in Minnesota. Sadly, 3 people were killed in these storms and 842 homes were damaged. Of course, Nick was out of town that night so I was on my own hoping these fierce storms didn't come my way!

Luckily they didn't, we just had a great lightening show and this weird hazy yellowish sky.

We were lucky enough to visit Maggie and Peyton girl on our trip for Jessica & John's wedding. Peyton is absolutely adorable and it is always great to see and catch up with Maggie.

Jessica's half of the bridal party at the rehearsal dinner enjoying the view of the Capitol from the rooftop of the Historical Building.

Me with the beautiful bride-to-be; it was great to spend a weekend with her since we don't see each other as often nowadays. She was glowing and smiling all weekend...

The GORGEOUS bride! Yes, her wedding dress even came equipped with pockets :)

Nick and I at the reception

It was great to see good friends again! Love these girls.

Jess and I at her reception; it was an amazing day!

My mom and dad were also at the wedding; it was a bonus spending time with them that weekend! Another bonus was Nick's family making the trip to have brunch with us Sunday. It was great seeing our families while we're still nearby. Which brings us to our next item...

We've found out officially we're moving to Texas in just a few short weeks! We've known for a while now there's potential for us to move now that Nick is finishing his last rotation for his HRLDP program that ends this month. He interviewed for a few positions in his company and was offered a job in Texas and we're excited for what our future holds there! We're currently looking at apartments and places to live as well as planning the details of our move across the country. It may be a busy few weeks but we've been prepping ourselves for this move for a while now.

That's all for now, Happy Independence Day (tomorrow)! Let's take some time to be thankful for this country we have and the history that's taken place to get us here.

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Mrs. Ersland said...

Great pictures, Marissa! It was so fun to hang out with and be a bridesmaid with you! :)

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