Thursday, April 30, 2009

99 days

As of today, we will be getting married in 99 days! I have been awaiting seeing numbers under 100 on our wedding countdown and here we are. As Nick already said, time is flying!

This coming weekend is our first wedding shower and will be mostly my mom and dad's families along with the bridesmaids and of course our mothers. I am very excited for the shower! It will be great to see everyone. There will be others in the upcoming months and we're excited for them all.

Unfortunately I was sick one way or another for most of April. I've been seeing doctors and trying different medications trying to crack the case. Last weekend, a medication that was supposed to help ended up making things much worse and had pretty bad side effects that kept me in bed for a few days. I'll try other methods and hope to find one that helps.

Another very exciting thing coming up in the next few weeks will be our trip to MN to find our apartment! It will be fun to see the town we'll be living in and to find the place we'll start our married lives together. We are looking forward to this trip! It will also be great to spend the weekend with Nick. We haven't seen each other for a little while now, which always makes me anxious to see him and be together again. The telephone and even webcams just don't beat being together in person.

I hope you all had a great April as we move on to May. May seems to be a busy month for many and my schedule is pretty packed too. It will be a fun month though, we have to enjoy it as we know it will go quickly. Talk to you soon!

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